This is The Optical. We’re revisiting the history of VFX films and technology through the lens of Cinefex magazine.
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In a special edition of the podcast, remastered audio of our 2014 interview with Howie Weed, long time artist at ILM, who tells us about blowing up the Enterprise, a recipe for fake blood, mass producing Gremlins, an alligator, alien probes, and his turn as the Special Edition Wampa in the Special Edition of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

People Say Nice Things

If like me, you’re a fan of THOSE films, follow @opticalpodcast. It’s a great podcast, well worth a listen.

— Jamie Benning,
creator of Filmumentaries

Fun podcast. Enjoyed the heck out of doing it.

— Howie Weed,
long-time ILM-er

It was an honor to participate with such a classy podcast, talking about my favorite movies.

— Joe Fordham,
Cinefex writer and filmmaker

Mark, your podcast is so well researched and executed. Thank you for all your excellent work.

— M. Lickley


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